Mothers Day: May 10/13, 2018

PEI Burger Love 2018

If you're having a rough time deciding which place to have a burger love here's my choices.

Low-Range Burgers:

1. "Beanz" Burger (Veggie)

2. "The Alley" Burger (Burger Love)

3. "Home" Burger  (Veggie)

4. "The Old Triangle" Burger (Burger Love)

5. "Hunters" Burger (Burger Love)

6. "Terry's Berries" Burger (Burger Love)

Mid-Range Burgers:

1. "Gahan" Burger (Burger Love)

2. "Spicey Chef" Burger (Burger Love)

3. "Merchant Man" Burger (Burger Love)

High-Range Burgers:

1. "Stir It Up" Burger (Veggie/Burger Love)

2. "Boomburger" Burger (Burger Love)


Earth Day: Pre-Teen to Teen

As I am turning 18 this October here are 3 Movies  and 1 Documentary based on the Environment. BTW Check out this Movie (4th Image): Big Miracle and This Video (5th Image):  Climate Action Day and also this documentary by Eliza Knockwood (6th Image): The Water Protectors Journey- Along the Sipekne'katik River


The Lorax (2nd Image)


Downsizing (3rd Image)

as Today here's what I did in Art Class (1st Image):

Peter's 52nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Peter (My Dad). Some sarcasm is best told simply. A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. Kids today are so intelligent and computer savvy, so pairing an interactive computer world with something cuddly seems like a natural fit.
Thank You for everything have ever experienced together from The Charlottetown Farmers Market and Halifax Farmers Market and many other farmers market visits to travels to many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many places.
Peter is turning 52 this year (2018)