1st Days: Louise Martin Linton and Jay Scotland

Louise Martin Linton's 1st Day August 8th 2017 (Tracy Lightfoot was the Weatherperson that night, Louise Martin Linton interviewed Nick Thompson, and also featured Video Games)

Jay Scotland's 1st Day August 21st 2017 (Jay Scotland was the Weatherperson tonight and it also featured new graphics and it was set indoors, Louise Martin interviewed Margaret Barry, and also featured the rally and solar eclipse)

Wednesday Farmers Market Pros and Cons


Nice Environment (All the Time in the Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter)


Bad Drinks (Nestea is not a good brand of Iced tea (Too Much Unnatural Flavor) it says Natural but it's not, Emalee Wildflower and Lady Baker's Tea Trolley is a good brand of Iced Tea)

Crowded (All The Time in the Tourist Season, On Saturdays and Wednesdays)

Tacos (Too Much not like Spicey Chef, Not Served with Samosas, also Not like Sugar Skull Cantina)



My Speech


Derrick (I Met through Lindsay “My Helper Before Derrick”)
Jann (I Met Through Derrick “My Helper and LGBTQIA+ Teacher and many other things such as Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Etc.”)
Derrick and I went to Cloggeroo (“The Folk Festival in Georgetown”) Together, Hung-Out Together doing Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Etc., and Did Many Other Things Together. We’re The Best of Friends. Jann went along with Derrick to My Grade 9 Graduation, My House Summer Party (German-Themed). They’re so much special human beings and the best of my friends. -Oliver (Friend of Derrick and Jann)