School Movies

Enchanted/Nanny Diaries  August 2007

Prince Street Elementary School

Grade 1 (September 2007-June 2008). Hortons  Hears a Who!/Wall-E

Grade 2 (September 2008-June 2009). The Princess and The Frog/Marley & Me/Fantastic Mr. Fox/Where The Wild Things Are?

Grade 3 (September 2009-June 2010). Hachi

Grade 4 (September 2010-June 2011). Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Rango/The Muppets/Hugo/Zookeeper/Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World/Beginners/Monte Carlo/The Wizard of Oz

Grade 5 (September 2011-June 2012). Tangled/Dolphin Tale/The Adventures of Tintin/The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel/Moonrise Kingdom/Cars 2/The Odd Life Of Timothy Green/Gulliver's Travels

Grade 6 (Septmber 2012-June 2013). Life Of Pi

Birchwood Intermediate School

Grade 7 (September 2013-June 2014). The Grand Budapest Hotel/X-men: Days of Future Past

Grade 8 (September 2014-June 2015). Tommorowland/The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel/Chappie/Ant-Man/I'll See You in My Dreams/Project Almanac/Avengers: Age of Ultron

Grade 9 (September 2015-June 2016). Money Monster/The Martian/The Lady In The Van/Ferris Bueller's Day Off/The Jungle Book/Arrival/Sully/Captain Fantastic/Zootopia/The Lady in The Van/Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Colonel Gray High School

Grade 10 (September 2016-June 2017). The Sense of An Ending

Grade 11 (September 2017-June 2018). Slumdog Millionaire/Thor: Ragnarok/Ready Player One all other movies in: Oscars 2018/Oscars 2019

Grade 12 (September 2018-June 2019). Elvis/Blackboard Jungle/Aladdin/Toy Story 4/School of Rock all other movies will be in next year's Oscars.


Same Name Streets/Squares/Schools/Churches/Cemeteries/Government Buildings

Prince (Prince)
Hillsboro (Hillsborough)
Rochford (Rochford)
West (West)
Saint George (Great George)
Saint Peters Road (Saint Peters Road)
Edward (Edward)
Cumberland (Cumberland)
Kent (Kent)
Fitzroy (Fitzroy)
Queen (Queen)
Grafton (Grafton)
Pownal (Pownal)
Brighton (Brighton)
Sidney (Sydney)
Dorchester (Dorchester)
King (King)
Water (Water)

Kings Square (Kings Square)
Hillsboro Square (Hillsborough Square)

Prince of Wales College (Prince Of Wales Campus)

Kirk of Saint James (Kirk of Saint James)

Episcopal Church (Saint Paul's Anglican Church)

Methodist Church (Trinity United Church)

Catholic Cemetery (Catholic Cemetery)
Cemetery (Cemetery - Old Protestant Burying Ground)

Government Buildings:
Provincial Building (Province House)

Information from Old Map on David Rumsey Map Collection


10 years of Blogging

I can't believe it's 10 years since I started My Blog. A lot of things have changed with my blog and with myself. 

There is a difference between my age, I was 8 when I started this blog and I'm Now 18. 

There is a difference between my grade and school since I started my blog I've gone to three schools, I was in grade 2 at Prince Street Elementary School and I'm now in grade 12 at Colonel Gray Senior High School. 

There is a difference between my height, in 2009, I was 4 foot 4 inches and in 2019, I'm 5 foot 10 inches.

There is a difference between my helping animals, I didn't have any workers outside of school and I didn't have a guide dog and now I have a worker outside of school named Taylor and I have a guide dog named Ethan. 

There is a difference between Home Activities, I didn't do any activity at home and now I'm doing activities at home (Laundry, Cooking, etc.). 

There is a difference between Charlottetown and Outside of Charlottetown in 2009 and 2019. 

In 2009, Charlottetown had very few coffee shops: &, Timothy's, Beanz and in 2019, Charlottetown has a lot of coffee shops: Timothy's, Beanz, Leonhards, Kettle Black Marche (related to the Young Folk and the Kettle-black), Starbucks, Receiver Coffee (also related to the Young Folk and the  Kettle-black, Row 142), Reciever Coffee Brass Shop (related to Receiver Coffee,  Young Folk and the Kettle-Black, Row 142). 

In 2009, Charlottetown had a few diversity restaurants: Noodlehouse, Sirenellas and in 2019, Charlottetown has a lot of diversity in Restaurants: Streetfood, etc.. 

In 2009, Charlottetown had its own mini golf-course and big golf-course and in 2019, Charlottetown doesn't any longer have a mini golf-course and big golf-course (it was replaced by housing). 

In 2009, Charlottetown had many video rental stores (Blockbuster, Jumbo Video, etc.) and in 2019, Charlottetown has no longer have video rental stores. 

In 2009, Charlottetown had a Zellers in the Charlottetown Mall, etc. and in 2019, Charlottetown has more clothing stores in the Charlottetown Mall. 

There is so much change in Charlottetown in the 10 years of blogging.

In 2009, Outside of Charlottetown had minimum Musical Festivals, only a few were there and in 2019, Outside of Charlottetown they have multiple musical festivals, now there's many. 

In 2009, Outside of Charlottetown had only one frosty treat with no mini-golf course and in 2019, Outside of Charlottetown has two frosty treats and one has a mini-golf course. There is so much change outside of Charlottetown in the 10 years of blogging.

In 2009 (when I started my blog), My Blog was on Tumblr then in 2017 with my dad's help, I move it to Drupal where it has remained ever since. 

I enjoy doing my blog because It's another way to see what's happening in my community (Country and Province) and see what's happening to me.

See you all in 2029 for 20 years of my Blog.