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Derrick (I Met through Lindsay “My Helper Before Derrick”)
Jann (I Met Through Derrick “My Helper and LGBTQIA+ Teacher and many other things such as Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Etc.”)
Derrick and I went to Cloggeroo (“The Folk Festival in Georgetown”) Together, Hung-Out Together doing Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Etc., and Did Many Other Things Together. We’re The Best of Friends. Jann went along with Derrick to My Grade 9 Graduation, My House Summer Party (German-Themed). They’re so much special human beings and the best of my friends. -Oliver (Friend of Derrick and Jann)

Things Different From Birchwood, Prince Street, Etc.

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1. New Things, New People, and New Experiences


1. Outside School Outings (Field Trips, Gratitude Projects)

2. Inside School Fun Activities (Yearbook & Clubs, Etc.)

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Colonel Gray Family of Schools are Nice.





Free Comic Book Day Problem

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I always Have The Feeling That Free Comic Book Day is Too Short A Day. I always have the feeling that  Free Comic Book Day is not Longer and Go To Other Days.