My Daily Schedule

Face to Face Learning (Video-Chat)

Free Learning (Weekly Learning Seminar)

Talking about Life (Driving)

Walking in Morning 
Mindfulness and Meditation in Late Morning

Fun Day (Lunch is Free For All, Not Regular Lunch - Doing Not Regular Things that Aren’t Monday/Wednesday Things, Tuesday Things, Wednesday Things, Thursday Things)

Learning Covid-19

As I finished up of Philosophy Class at UPEI, I don’t know what to do afterwards (now) because I need some more things to learn about than more Philosophy. 

I need help with this because I need a group learning not one on one. 
It is making me frustrated that there is no learning now. 


Oscars 2020: Movies I've Seen in 2019

For Best Special-Needs Awareness: The Peanut Butter Falcon

For Best Super-hero Movie: Star Wars

For Best Animated Movies: Toy Story 4

For Best Actress Movie (Brie Larson): Captain Marvel

For Best Actor (Seth Rogen): Long Shot

For Best History: 1917

In Memoriam: Catherine (Saw Movies with Her, Maker of Clouds in the Muppets Movie), Cineplex Sold to Multi-National, City Cinema under new hands.



Update on My Grandpa-Grandfather

My grandfather Norm has just died. I had a fond memory of having an Ice Cream last summer talking about love interests after going to the bank and dump-yard for throwing away metal, sharing a snack at his house in Burlington, Ontario. that was the summer before I began Grade 12 and got my heartbroken by a person who I wanted to love with Me but she has turned to be a lesbian and that was the year of the last times I got to see him, my Grandmother Frances' Birthday Trip Extravaganza to See all of the Family Members in North America in March, a trip to Ontario to see them, a trip from them to see us with my uncle Mike and aunt Karen. (that was the year when I turned 18 - I was still 17 at that time).

donations can be made to:

My family is slowly gathering in Burlington from all across North America. There will not be a funeral or visitation. No decision has been made about a gathering of another sort. Thank you for your understanding.