Society geared to Scandinavian Millennials

It seems to me that Our Societies are more geared to Scandinavians ("Hygge and Fika")  and Millenials ("Everything is Geared to Them, Lifestyle, Products Now are Geared to Them") more than our American and Generation Xers, Baby Boomers and the Generations beforehand. We (Generation Zers) will be coming in the future but We're not there yet.

PEI Restaurants Resurgences

There seems to be a lot of resurgences of Restaurants (I.E. Chefs and Many Other People who operated restaurants in the past decades)

The Main Ones for me that I've noticed are Viva la Crêpe (Vivas) and Casa Mia Café (Sirenellas). 

It’s very true that we cherish past moments of our lives. It’s a wonderful life we have: in a glimpse, we are transported to a different time. It’s like life doesn’t stop after we decide it’s enough; we continue our lives. it’s not enough to stop at times of our lives, no matter what conditions we have.

Mothers Day: May 10/13, 2018

PEI Burger Love 2018

If you're having a rough time deciding which place to have a burger love here's my choices.

Low-Range Burgers:

1. "Beanz" Burger (Veggie)

2. "The Alley" Burger (Burger Love)

3. "Home" Burger  (Veggie)

4. "The Old Triangle" Burger (Burger Love)

5. "Hunters" Burger (Burger Love)

6. "Terry's Berries" Burger (Burger Love)

Mid-Range Burgers:

1. "Gahan" Burger (Burger Love)

2. "Spicey Chef" Burger (Burger Love)

3. "Merchant Man" Burger (Burger Love)

High-Range Burgers:

1. "Stir It Up" Burger (Veggie/Burger Love)

2. "Boomburger" Burger (Burger Love)