March Break #2

March Break #1

My Trip To Ontario March 2014

I have a Uncle called Mike and he drove me and my Dad to Burlington first on Tuesday then right on this week he drove my Mom to Burlington to see my Grandmother’s new house and then he drove Me and my Dad with Grandma and Grandpa last night to Mother Tuckers.

And tonight to  he drove us my Dad and me with my Aunt  to Ema-Tei. 

This is a picture of a dog that was before Ethan came into #ruk and my mom’s room. It’s a wonderful dog from #ruk and my mom’s talk/training period which is named Greta.

Toronto’s Largest Bookstore

Ethan is a dog + Toronto’s Kensington Market Bike Rack + Towels At The Oakville Dog Place

Ethan is a dog + Oakville Lions Club Dog Service

Ethan + more photos of Ethan + word of book

Food: This Week

I Saw Lot’s Of Food at  Restraunts This Week and At Grandma And Grandpa’s House+ Grocery Store.


I Will Get A Dog Which Is A Poodle Called Ethan

While My Parents ruk And Catherine Go To The Dog Place To Get Dog

I Need To Stay At Grandma And Grandpa’s