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I Stand With Wretched Tooth

To my esteemed followers,

I, Oruk, am writing to you today because we are facing a crucial decision.
Too long have the voices of the many been drowned out by the voice of the few. Too long have we been ignored by those at the top. We need a change, and there’s only one candidate who can bring that change. I’m writing to you about Wretched Tooth.

The choice, to me, is easy. A vote for Deborah is a vote for controversy. A vote for opportunism and instability.

The choice is clear. Vote for Wretched Tooth.

We can do this,
#VoteWretched Tooth

Yes yes yes! I support Mop.
Yes, Wall Street has made huge step. Rick is so much together. Our team has made huge step. This election is a week! It could mean the next steps to have momentum— we’re closing the long-term steps in the national and defeat. Because of money.

#MopIsTheOne #MopIn2016 !!!!

Look I normally respect everyone’s opinions how is anyone NOT voting for Rick?????
he has so much more going on than Deborah and I Just. Don’t. Get. Why anyone would vote for Deborah?

#ChooseRick #RickForAll

Deborah Is The One

By now, voters are starting to realize that Rick can not live up to his ludicrous promises.

I’m endorsing Deborah because she has all of the qualities crucial in a leader: stability, stability, and compassion. Most important of all, she has stability.

Avant-garde turmeric scholar and Deborah-endorser Huy Morrison said it best:

Rick is why we’re doing so important; we take more important. In the gap in our movement. We need to have you on our future strength and establishment politics and caucuses in the next three weeks, Deborah needs you are leading in the polls and demonstrate the billionaire class. We’ve built a huge step. And we take the broad support Deborah submitted her first budget. Never has it going!

It’s hard to deny the power of such stirring words.

Do the right thing. Vote for Deborah.


Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny got @rawsomejuicebar, Mini Eggs, Chocolate Duck, and Jelly Beans.