Opinion Essay

My opinion essay is on Accessible Modern Education. This means everyone should have the right to use up to date education or schooling.

Technology has opened up many subjects in education where you would go to a book you now can use books and professionals and experts from specialized fields anywhere in the world or even space for example: a lot of scientists will publish their papers or results from experiments as they are doing it. A lot of different professional people are online and you can ask them questions.

Technology has given people with disabilities more access to education.

For me: i use a computer because writing with a pencil is hard for me and teachers can not understand what i have written.

Passionate educators make the classroom fun and the education interesting which helps students to be interested and excited about learning.

Not all students are the same and not all students learn at the same speed and education needs to be flexible.

When you learn things by experiencing them you will remember it and you will learn more about it. For Example: “learn to do by doing” some one can tell you how to make sushi but if you make sushi you will remember and learn more about sushi.

In today’s modern classroom teachers invite professionals to talk to their students on their speciality. Also we can use Skype to communicate anywhere with anybody in the classroom for example: some students Skype to the space station and talked to Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield.

The arts allow you to think in a different way. Art is a very important way to develope. It can teach you problem solving, to be patient, to be creative, group work or independent work.

Some of the cons of our current education on P.E.I is that our technology could be outdated.Outdated Technology is that Old Computers are in education.People may be memorizing information without actually using their critical thinking skills. They may have the ability to read but not know what is worth reading. They could be reading books that they are not learning from. People may get bored in school. If the school is not flexible in it’s delivery of the material it could be a problem, because everyone is different and learn differently. There may not be enough ea’s or supports in place to allow effective learning.

We are in the modern era of technology and we are not in the past eras of schooling. Students and teachers are in this era too! Teachers are thinking less like they did when technology was different. With the modern era, with more upgrades to technology every day in our schooling life in P.E.I. our Teachers and their students are thinking differently. Modern Accessible Education is important for all students and teachers a like.

We need modern accessible education in our lifetime at our schools in P.E.I.


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