My Grade Six Anniversary Unconference

It's been ten years since I graduated from grade 6 at Prince Street Elementary School, and to mark that anniversary I'm organizing a Zoom unconference this Sunday, June 25 at 12 Noon Atlantic Daylight Time (GMT-3),

The unconference will include friends, family, alumni, and others interested in 40 minutes of thoughtful discussion on a Sunday. 

I have prepared 5 questions for us to gather around; we will split into breakout rooms to consider each one, a different group for each round, 6 minutes a round:

  1. What is one valuable lesson you learned during your time in grade 6 or a memorable educational experience you had?
  2. Share a teacher or mentor who had a significant impact on your educational journey and explain why.
  3. Reflecting on your grade 6 graduation, what advice would you give to current grade 6 students?
  4. How has your educational journey influenced your personal and professional growth since graduating from grade 6?
  5. Share a favorite memory or moment from your time in elementary school that still inspires you today.

Here's the Zoom link to join (no need to RSVP otherwise).



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