Life Movies

As I am turning 18 this October here are the list of the 6 movies of my Life.

Young Childhood:

1. Curious George  Charlottetown  2006

2. Stuart Little         Porto  2006 (Photo Credit: Peter Rukavina)

3. Monsters, Inc.      Hinsdale/Northfield 2002

4. The Incredibles      The Drive-In/Location? Year?


1. Dolphin Tale Florida 2012

2. Marley & Me Košice 2009

3. Beginners Berlin 2011

4. Monte Carlo Berlin 2011

5. The Wizard of Oz Berlin 2011

6.  Hachi London 2010


1. The Grand Budapest Hotel Toronto 2014

2. The Lady in The Van  Halifax 2016 (Photo Credit: Peter Rukavina)

3. The Sense of an Ending Halifax 2017

4. Ready Player One  Halifax 2018



You forgot:

The Wizard of Oz
The Lady in the Van

The Lady in The Van is my 3rd movie of the Teen Category.

Beginners is my 3rd movie in the Pre-teen category.

you should not miss some more like Naruto Shippuden, Rick and Morty show, Spongebob SquarePants and lot of other. for more cartoons

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