Halifax 2017


1. Yu Yo (Open)

2. De Serres (Open)

3. That Berry Store (Open)


1. Two If By Sea (Now Only 1 Location)

2. Two If By Sea  (1 Place Only (Dartmouth))

3. Wired Monk (Open)

4. Weird Harbour (Open)

5. Narrow Espresso (Open)

Eating (Dinner)

1.  Edna (Open)

2. Wasabi House  (Open)

3. Riot Snack Bar (Closed and Now Operates Vandal Doughnuts)

Eating (Lunch)

1. The Bicycle Thief (Open)

2. Fruition  (Changed Name to Springhouse)


1. Anne (Now on Netflix)


This is a good summary of links for our March Break trip.

You forgot the place where we had Bánh mì.

You also forgot our hotel.

Our hotel was where we had breakfast everyday also.

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