The Best Podcasts of 2017

As i listen to the Pondercast I start to think "What Can I do Every-Night when Signal is off the air?" also I think what I like about the CBC is that I'm a very old-comer to the CBC when Laurie Brown had The Signal and Jian Ghomeshi had Q and now in the air of the 2017 i think now they have podcasts (Pondercast and The Ideation Project) and I like them as I liked Q and The Signal years earlier before The Ideation Project and Pondercast.


For the record I'm not at all impressed that Mr Ghomeshi is listed here; that, in being interested in podcasts, and Laure Brown in particular, I am somehow forced to read about him. I will not be landing on this site again. Poor choice and I am thoroughly disgusted.

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