Another Strange Challenging Day in Halifax

The day started out with snow in morning, hail in the late morning), rain in the afternoon, clear and windy in the late afternoon and finally it was raining this evening. Overall today was all over the place weather.


Today we started with breakfast at *The Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake Hotel (*Read Sunday’s Post on my feelings on the Hotel).

Drinks at Coburg Coffee House which is a hipster-style coffee shop.

Lunch at Brooklyn Warehouse which is a hipster fancy-style restaurant.

Snack at The Nook on Gottingen Street which is more hipster-fancy than Brooklyn Warehouse. 

Dinner at Indochine Banh Mi which is a nice quality restaurant.

Tea at Humani-T Café which is a nice new place to us (Dad and me). 


Went to Independent Mercantile (struggles for Dad and nice place for me)

Walked near The Bus Stop Theatre.

Went to Winners which is different from our home’s Winners Store.

Went to the Apple Store for diagnosing and fixing our computers.

I diid not want to swim because it was so loud for my introverted brain.

We went to see a friend of my Dad at the Dawson Print Shop.

Finally we went back to the hotel.


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