20 Years of Digital Island

It’s Been 20 Years (Yes It’s Been, Long That So Long: https://web.archive.org/web/19961102110337/http://www.digitalisland.com/ ) Since Then Years Went By Things Came and Went and Changed like the fact of the Information Superhighway that Faded into The Internet of Today, of Facebook (”A Yucky Place” My Dad Says but People Pushing Like Buttons), Twitter (Where People Become Birds and only write in 140 characters), Podcasts (Radio of Today), Google+ (Google’s Version of Facebook and Twitter), Flickr (Internet Photo Storage Website), Vimeo (Another version of Youtube), Youtube (Where Cats invade the internet), Pinterest (Where People can get ideas for Crafts), Etsy (Where People Sell their Crafts), Skype and Snapchat (Communication  With Things that Make People Crazy and Normal), Instagram (Photo Application not like Flickr), Linkedin (Where People With Businesses Go), Google Maps (Where People Find Streetview), Tumblr. (Where People Share Things in Blog Form), Those Now Have Tablets and Cellphones (Those Devices that people didn’t imagine 20 years ago) Laptops and Computers (Laptops are Mini Computers and Computers are Bigger Computers), Address Books (Digital Form), Globes (Digital Form), Newspapers (Digital Form), Stores (Digital Form) etc.

Find Peter’s Company at:http://www.reinvented.net/

so choose digital island 2.0


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